What is kindness?

Kindness is a very broad term. Kindness is like anything the first person does, to make the second person feel good. Kindness is an act of compassion, humanity, love, concern and sympathy. As Mark Twain said :

“Kindness is the language which the dumb can speak, the deaf can hear & the blind can see.”

I desire to experience the power of kindness towards people who don’t really like you, would it bring about a change in their attitude towards you (for instance, from hostility to friendliness). So, I decided to show 5 acts of kindness within next 24 hours. I am going to share my incredible experience from you now.

My younger sister just started BS hons in Biotechnology at kinnaird college. I give her the information of Hons programme and make her aware for marks distribution and tell her some techniques to gain maximum marks in semester system. I tell her she can get maximum marks if she get full marks in project work, assignments and test too. As just 50% marks are based on papers and 20% marks are depend on his lab performance. Moreover, she should take notes daily and review them daily and she should stay away from “rata-laization” at this level because it will not work at this stage. I also tell her some websites like “www.bookzzz. org” to download any book free for her course to study. And she was grateful for my advices and said thanks to me for the guidance. I also feel happy to give confidence to her and give well wishes at the end by saying that I know you can get highest GPA InshaAllah.

I was in the university last day and It was a hot day. I was going to my department from other department. When I was on the way, one girl stopped me and asked for water. I had a water bottle but it had less water in it. I thought once that either I should give her or not. Then, I gave her my water bottle to drink and she drank quickly and after that she said “Thank you so much I was thirsty and water cooler was apart”. And she also said “May allah fulfill all your wishes to send angels.” I said it’s okay, no problem and give a smile to her. It was an unforgettable happiest feeling that I experienced by showing kindness to her.

I was eating lays at 6:00 pm and my elder sister came to me and started talking with me. I offered my snakes to her to show kindness. She happily talked with me about her daily routine. she tell me that she makes a new friend “Jessica” who is christian and very kind to whole class and become CR of his newly started classes of BS. I read later on social media Ruby Dee’s saying that touched me deeply.

I was going to kitchen to make chapati for my brother at 3:00 pm and after making his chapati I thought to make another one for my mother to surprise her. I made a paratha for my mother first time otherwise she usually eat chapati and she made paratha for us sometimes. When I served that “tahon wala paratha with alu qema” to my mom she was surprised and said “what happened to you? Is Today some special day that you are being most generous? “ I gave a delightful smile to her and said “I just listen to my heart and make a paratha for you to show my love for you as you care more.”

One of my old college friend messaged me at !:00 pm that she needs my help. I replied “OK let me know!” She requested to learn SPSS software (used for data analysis) for his thesis work from me and wanted to meet with me tomorrow at my home. Although I am also busy in my own thesis work nowadays, I said “OK you can come anytime to learn it from me. I will be happy to teach you.” She replied “Thank you so much. You are my true friend.“ I was shocked that I did not message her from last 3 months because of my busy schedule and now in return of just one act of kindness she again attaches me and love me as we were. No doubt real friendship never lasts.

Happy learning.